Hi, right, got a new ABS module fitted onto the ABS pump. But now the rev counter, and temp gauge has stopped working.. and im getting error U1700 which i found out is "Canbus communication error Engine Ecu to Body Computer... tried clearing it but it wont go away.. which would explain why the rev counter, and temperature guage has stopped working... even though the engine starts up and runs fine lol.

any ideas? Is it the addition of the new ABS Module? because I know it needs a proxy alignment and it's booked in for this on thursday.

Just strange because it was all working before with the new wiring, then stopped when i put the new ABS module in.. checked the connections again, pulled the body computer out, put it back in made sure all the earths were good. But the problem still exists.

But the strange thing is i tried the old ABS module again and the rev counter etc still doesnt work... so presumebly if it is this when i put the new module in, it triggered something on the body computer.

Anybody have any ideas/sugestions.. I dont really want to send the car into fiat like that if it is something that needs fixing before hand.